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Business of an eCommerce Millionaire - LIVE!
A Behind the Scenes Look at a $25 Million eCommerce Business...
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Monday, February 4th 2019
9 PM EST | 6 PM PST | 2 AM UK
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Monday, February 4th 2019
  • Get a "backstage-pass" to Fred’s business - the products, the stores, the funnel - see EVERYTHING!
  • Real life LIVE examples of eCommerce stores that are bringing in MILLIONS of dollars in sales...
  • Watch Fred Lam get put on the spot! He'll pick products & build a store right in front of you in real-time!
A Glimpse Into Dennis J. Jansen
Dennis is an expert in the field of Mindset, Marketing and Sales. In the last years he trained and motivated thousands of entrepreneurs to grow their business and enhance their performance. His methods are practical, hands on and he is always convinced that everyone can create success, when using the right mental strategies. In this free online training, he is going to show you one of his best methods to improve get major deals with large companies.
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